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Welcome to Hook

an introduction                         Image by Ruby Martin

“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture”, someone wise once said. And yet, for over a century, writers of all kinds - journalists, novelists, poets, amateurs - have continued to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, in an attempt to do just that. How could we not try and articulate the myriad effects of this art form - one which is omnipresent now more than ever in our lives? The power of music to change our moods, minds, and movements, is perhaps the closest tangible thing to magic.


Hook was born from a desire to celebrate this magic, and those who bravely attempt to write about it. There’ll be no reviews as such on this site, no top 10 lists or news about latest releases; there are plenty of brilliant platforms which do this already. Hook is instead a space for conversation - not only about the music itself but the way it is listened to, the way it is made, and the people involved in those processes.

Like all great things, Hook is a team effort - not just between us editors, but between the community of musicians, writers, and artists who have contributed thus far. We want that community to include the reader and to foster genuine conversations. We are working hard to show a broad range of genres and opinions, but we can always do better - if you feel like we are missing something then please, tell us about it.  Another amazing way of feeding back to us is by donating - we encourage suggestions with every donation and the more you support us, the more we are able to support our contributors and continue to commission quality work.


This is just the beginning of Hook, and we have plenty of very exciting things up our sleeves. For now, we hope that as readers you find things here which entertain you, challenge you, and most importantly, make you want to listen to music. From the brilliant artist mixtapes to the beautifully written essays- one of the joys of working on this project is the music we’re (re)discovering in the process, often listening with a new perspective. Where possible, we’ve added a link* to every piece of music mentioned on the site, so you can start discovering too.

-Team Hook

*We have primarily used Spotify as a means of sharing music because it is free and therefore accessible to all, but we are aware of its imperfections, and we're looking into alternative music streaming services.

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