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Image by Gabrielle Monceaux

The Hook mixtape is compiled through a series of music related questions. Each artist who fills it out can answer as many or as few of the questions as they wish, and elaborate on their choices, or let them speak for themselves. 



True Blue (aka Maya Laner)





After many years spent touring with other musicians (including cult indie pop act Porches), Laner now focuses on True Blue, a critically acclaimed project which combines her musical prowess and interest in visual art.

Press Clippings

 'While Edge Of is layered with ricocheting, twanging samples that evoke Ariel Pink’s Pom Pom or the production of Cole M.G.N, it manages not to be cartoonish or cutesy. It’s bass-driven, dark, sometimes intentionally saccharine; it’s Laner’s effort to establish her own brand—it’s a bit of world-making' Office

The last piece of music you paid for (streaming doesn’t count)

I bought a tape from a friend’s label based out of Philly called Nino Tomorrow. The tape was These Rules by Infinity Dance Complex.


Your favourite place to listen to music

Driving around in the car! Windows down! Moon roof open! Or in my head-cans walking around midtown on an unforgiving winters day! (guilty pleasure)


A song which reminds you of your childhood

Deep In The Heart of Texas (sung by my grandma) or Soul Vaccination by Tower of Power (in my dad’s car)

Your go-to karaoke song

Crying by roy orbison


A song you’d rather never hear again

7 Rings by Ariana Grande, offensively bad song for many reasons! And an offensive fumble of a would-bd clever “My Favorite Things” reference


A song which reminds you of someone you don’t see anymore

Pale Blue Eyes byVelvet Underground


A song which gets you in the mood (for dancing)

All Night Long by Mary Jane Girls

A song which gets you in the mood (for romancing)

When We Oooo by Janet Jackson


The soundtrack to your last holiday

An Old Navy Christmas CD from 1998 called Old Navy Holiday Rhythm: It’s a Dance Party.  My family listens to it every year, it’s iconic! My favorite song on it is New York City Christmas by the Cover Girls. Probably my favorite Christmas song of all time. The other best track is Funky Christmas (Christmas At My House) by RuPaul

A song which has changed your mind

The Light Is Coming by Ariana Grande

A song which makes you cry

I Would Rather Go Blind by Etta James

A song which gives you goosebumps

Movin In On You by Julee Cruise


A song which makes you feel empowered

Kitty Kat by Empress Of


An artist you regret never having seen live


An artist you hope to see live soon

Tierra Whack

An album you know by heart

Love Angel Music Baby by Gwen Stefani

A cover which is better than the original

You Go To My Head by Lio

A song you love in a foreign language

Baby by Gal Costa or Voila by Francois Hardy

An instrumental song you love

+371 by Domenique Dumont or Slow by Nini Raviolette

A song which gets stuck in your head

All good pop songs

A recent musical discovery

A friend showed me such a good Janet Jackson song called When We Oooo. Another friend recently introduced me to a Russian pop singer called Natalia Vetlitskaya. My fave songs by her are The Soul and Magic Dream.

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