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Image by Ruby Bateman

The Hook mixtape is compiled through a series of music related questions. Each artist who fills it out can answer as many or as few of the questions as they wish, and elaborate on their choices, or let them speak for themselves. 

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Jess Shoman (vocals), Curt Oren (saxophone, flute, guitar), Isabel Reidy (bass), Joseph Farago (drums)





Tenci was originally conceived as a solo project by Jess Shoman. The name was inspired by her grandmother, Hortencia, an early musical influence.

Press Clippings

 'It quietly eludes convention and expectation, creating its own hermetic world. At times the music’s minimalism recalls the hush of the Velvet Underground’s self-titled album, and at others it gives a small-scale approximation of post-rock.'  Pitchfork

The last piece of music you paid for (streaming doesn’t count)

Jess: Moses Sumney - Grae

Joseph: Moontype - The great ohio/not that easy single 

Curt: Camp Counselor - Scabs

Izzy: Amanda Glasser - Caelesti Radio


Your favourite place to listen to music

Jess: On the bus 

Curt: Driving through a mountain

Izzy: the damn GYM


A song which reminds you of your childhood

Jess: Killing Me Softly - Fugees 

Joseph: Doesn’t Really Matter - Janet Jackson

Curt: One Headlight - The Wallflowers

Izzy: The Way - Fastball

Your go-to karaoke song

Jess: I Fall to Pieces - Patsy Cline

Joseph: Not Ready to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks

Curt: In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel 

Izzy: If It Makes You Happy - Sheryl Crow


A song which gets you in the mood (for dancing)

Jess: Joan Soriano - "Que pasara mañana"

Joseph: Work - Rihanna 

Curt: The Greatest - We Are KING

Izzy: Water Me Down- Vagabon

A song which gets you in the mood (for romancing)

Jess: Take me - Karen Dalton

Joseph: Only Skin - Joanna Newsom

Curt: Julie Byrne - Prism Song

Izzy: Something About What Happens When We Talk - Lucinda Williams


The soundtrack to your last holiday

Jess: You Don’t Know How Glad I Am - Nancy Wilson

Joseph: Money Machine - 100 gecs

Curt: The Holy Life That’s Coming - Chris Weisman

Izzy: You Said - Young Thug

A song which has changed your mind

Jess: Please Don’t Bury Me - John Prine

Curt: Existence in the Unfurling - Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Joseph: Bloom by Great Grandpa

Izzy: stupid horse - 100 gecs

A song which makes you cry

Jess: Death With Dignity - Sufjan Stevens 

Joseph: I Know - Fiona Apple

Curt: Good Company - Nora Petran

Izzy: Wave of History - Downtown Boys

A song which gives you goosebumps

Jess: Acrobat - Angel Olsen 

Joseph: ​Emerald River Dance - Judee Sill 

Curt: Not - Big Thief 

Izzy: Black Lake - Purrer


A song which makes you feel empowered

Jess: ​Miracles - Johnnie Frierson 

Joseph: Satisfaction Guaranteed - Junglepussy

Curt: Killing In the Name Of - Rage Against the Machine

Izzy: I Think of Demons - Roky Erickson

An artist you regret never having seen live

Jess: Nina Simone 

Joseph: Kate Bush

Curt: Jimi Hendrix

Izzy: Tom Petty

An artist you hope to see live soon

Jess: Choir Boy 

Curt: Haley Heynderickx

Izzy: Gillian Welch


A gig you’ll never forget

Jess: Aldous Harding at empty bottle 

​Joseph: Young thug on my birthday

Curt: Diners around a campfire

Izzy: Any time I've ever seen Jonathan Richman

An album you know by heart

Jess: Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

Joseph: Bitte Orca - Dirty Projectors

Curt: Rise Above - Dirty Projectors

Izzy: Dancing is Depressing - Attic Abasement

A cover which is better than the original

Jess: Clay Pigeons - John Prine 

​Joseph: Crush by Jai Paul

Curt: Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm

Izzy: Both Sides Now - Claudine Longet


A song you first heard on a film soundtrack

Jess: ​Cucurrucucu Paloma - Caetano Veloso

Curt: Staralfur - Sigur Ros

Joseph: Aao Twist Karein - Manna Dey 

Izzy: Modern Love - David Bowie

A song you love in a foreign language

​Jess: Tonada Del Cabestrero - Simón Díaz 

Joseph: Family Party - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 

Curt: Guapa - Juan Wauters

Izzy: Nena - Miguel Bose


An instrumental song you love

​Jess: Tezeta - Mulatu Astatke

Curt: Single Petal of a Rose - Duke Ellington

Izzy: Bomberman 2 Wiggy - The Advantage

A song which gets stuck in your head

​Jess: I Couldn’t Say it to Your Face - Arthur Russell

Joseph: Angel - Yowler  

Curt: Climax - Usher

Izzy: Making Plans for Nigel - XTC

A recent musical discovery

Jess: Stina Nordenstam

Joseph: Land of Talk

Curt: Briana Marela

Izzy: Gino Washington

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