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We want Hook to be a different music magazine not just in the content
we publish but in the way we function as an organisation.


In a time where editorial and freelancer budgets are being slashed, journalist wages cut and free creative labour is increasingly expected as the norm, 

Hook is an idea on how we might do things differently.

Moving away from the endless PR machine and repetitive, rushed content, we want to uphold the value of creative labour and the quality that comes with in depth, analytical and curated music journalism.  


At Hook we want to give you, the reader a seat at the table in deciding the content you wish to read and crucially, how you wish to value that content.*


Although Hook is not a subscription service, we actively encourage our readers to donate to the Hook fund -

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

whether this be a small token of gratitude for a specific piece, a commission fee for a particular story you are desperate to read**, or a donation to help Hook keep growing.

*In the future we may consider carefully selected advertisement as a means of funding. However at this time we want to encourage the freedom that ad free content can bring, and champion the opportunities of reader-funded journalism.

**We would love our readers to suggest content angles and themes, or a reaction to a certain news story. However this is not an opportunity to donate for specific writers. If you would like to pitch us a piece, email

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