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Editor in Chief

Jessica Wrigglesworth


Co-founder and editor

Clara Finnigan

Web design:

Helen Keen

Logo design:

Ruby Martin

Contributing Writers:

Skye Butchard

Cal Cashin

Milo Gooder

Dan Levy

Rebecca Liu

David Mckenna

Anusha Persson

Jamie Ryder

To see the musicians who have written for us go to our Artists A-Z

Contributing Imagemakers

Ruby Bateman
Heather Chambers

Thomas WH Compton

Milly Cope

Isabella Cuttill

Toby Dexter

Maks Graur

Mary Flora Hart

Lily Hayes

Georgia Haywood

Jet Hilferink

Sarah Hunter

Javie Huxley

Madeleine Kemsley

Loïc Lusnia

Eva Malley

Dana Margolin

Gabriella Marsh

Ruby Martin

Marta Mateu Lloveras
Gabrielle Monceaux

Melcher Oosterman

Mac O'Sullivan

Margot Parker

Ot Pascoe

Ella Pavlides

Luci Pina

Natalia Podpora

Florian Popescu

Zoe Shields

Ellis van der Does

Jonathan Vermersch

Cameron JL West

Sophie Winder

Connie Wright

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