Our exclusive artist led formats - musicians in their own words

"We are so far from one another in place, time and experience. But lying here, on the edge of seventeen, gazing up at my bedroom ceiling, I feel as if I am suddenly equipped for my own world in all of its own brutal reality."

"Denmark has many preserved monuments from the bronze stone age such as burial mounds and dolmens, and I have always found it inspirational to think of the large time span from then to now."

"By the second week here a kind of emptiness sets in. It's a distant relative of Zen, but the mantra is capital."

"Being thrown into a busy 16 hour day at work almost gave me an adrenalin rush equivalent to playing a live gig (almost)."

"The Tunis Diaries is an intimate record of how I passed a big portion of my confinement, which ended up being much deeper than I would have ever imagined."

"This was the time when I started drinking energy drinks instead of tea just to cheer myself up (until my teeth began to grind)"

"My walk home from class was made up of one unending straight line, so i’d burrow my head into the book whilst walking along... I only hit my head on passing lampposts less than 5 times" 

"I’ve grown up to your music, watched you continually reinvent yourself, continually test the limits of what’s expected of you, and yet, continually remain yourself." 

Up and coming artist April chats to Biig Piig about making music,  life in lockdown and, of course, Tiger King.

 Nigel Chapman of Nap Eyes talks about his time as a lab technician and biochemistry researcher

"I wanted there to be a reflective property to the record, so that people would be able to see themselves when they picked it up" 

"We took a picture next to a wall of naked men, by your request. And then we said our goodbyes. As I walked into the elevator, I waited for the door to close to cry." 

"Tears In The Typing Pool connected my feet to yours and walked me through the door into world within your mind"

The Canadian/Serbian musician on being stuck in her family's home country.

'One time when we were recording I was playing the piano and you said through the control mic, "Can't you make the piano sound cooler, you're playing like Billy Joel"'

'Sometimes it is necessary to abandon, sometimes it is necessary to embrace and sometimes it is necessary to step beyond.'

The Manchester based singer/songwriter unpacks the genius of Talk Talk's Mark Hollis, and his influence on his own work

 'I think it’s lovely when you listen to people like J.J Cale and Little Feat and you can really feel the soul that has gone in to the songs. And you look at the artwork and this same voice comes through it..'

Lo-fi musician Aaberg talks us through his visual influences and how he chose the artwork for Jynx

The Doctors of Madness frontman on the making of Dark Times: "Damned right it’s political."