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Image by Ellis van der Does

The Hook mixtape is compiled through a series of music related questions. Each artist who fills it out can answer as many or as few of the questions as they wish, and elaborate on their choices, or let them speak for themselves. 



Anna B Savage




Anna's upcoming debut album is her first release since she put out 'EP'  5 years ago. The EP won her a cult following including Father John Misty and Jenny Hval, both of whom she supported on tour.

Press Clippings

 'Savage’s voice is clearly her weapon of choice, fluctuating around a range that encompasses power, beauty, and rawness. ‘II’’s sonorous timbre is equipped with a post-punk tone - recalling murkier moments of PJ Harvey and Nick Cave’s catalogues - ending with a final yelp and leap into the dark.' DIY

The last piece of music you paid for (streaming doesn’t count)

Sean Curtis Patrick’s “The Best Driving Music in the World Ever” (which, although I didn’t know it at the time of purchasing, also has a song named after me!!!)


Your favourite place to listen to music

Anywhere where it feels all encompassing: a car, in my headphones walking, at a party, at a gig. I like to be eaten by it.


A song which reminds you of your childhood

Queen of the Night aria from Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’. My earliest ever memory is singing this while washing my hands and walking out of a bathroom post wee. There’s also a tape of me singing this aged 6. 

Your go-to karaoke song

I only just started karaoke-ing at the very end of last year! And have been thinking hard about this ever since. I had a revelation a week or so ago and I wrote it down. My karaoke song would be ‘Everybody’s Changing’ by Keane. Future karaoke pals, you’re welcome. 

A song which could change the world if everyone heard it

‘Look Good In Leather’ - Cody Chestnutt. Imagine if everyone just lost all their imposter syndrome and started wearing (fake) leather. “With attitude and ego to spare”. I mean, it’d be a fucking nightmare but it would deffo change things. 


A song you’d rather never hear again

Blurred Lines. It’s disgusting (and disgustingly catchy)


A song which reminds you of someone you don’t see anymore

Merchandise - Anxiety’s Door. Was my song with my ex boyfriend. I really had to crowbar it in to be our song but I managed it, and now I can’t listen without an almost imperceptible shudder. 


A song which gets you in the mood (for dancing)

Millionaire - Kelis & Andre 3000. Absolute go to dancing song. I can also do 90% of the rap, just so’s you know. Any time this is on I cannot NOT dance. 

A song which gets you in the mood (for romancing)

(nice) Umm romancing like sexy times ‘Ritual Union’ - Little Dragon. Romancing like actual romance ‘I’m in the Mood for Love’ - Julie London


The soundtrack to your last holiday

Let’s Ride - Q Tip. My brother in law reckons the chords from this are potentially inspired by the Strauss opera Der Rosenkavalier, specifically the chimes before the Octavian and Sophie love song. He played me them both when my whole family was in New York for Christmas. I couldn’t stop listening to this song walking around Brooklyn. 

A song which has changed your mind

Suddenly - Drug Dealer & Weyes Blood. Wasn’t sure about Weyes Blood before, tbh.

A song which makes you cry

Shiver - Coldplay. Every. Fucking. Time. Has done since I was 12 and first heard the song. Used to put it on every night when I was at school and cry about boys. Now I realise I was just crying about the song. 

A song which makes you laugh

Slow and Easy - Zapp. Neither slow, nor easy by the sounds of things.

A song which tells a story

Arlo Parks - ‘Cola’. Heard this and it stopped me in me tracks.  


A song which gives you goosebumps

Too many of these. I’ll go with my most recent one of these which is ‘Little White Lies’ by Flyte. Makes me go all tingly. (Nice one, Will)


A song which makes you feel empowered

India.Arie - ‘Video’. I used to listen to this loads when I was little, my older sister was a huge fan. I was living in Vancouver last year, and just after Pride there was a woman busking down by the beach - a load of us were dancing and watching the sun set behind the North shore mountains. Then suddenly she started playing this song. I was the only other person who knew it - I danced like my life depended on it and did a little cry. I felt so lucky. 


An artist you regret never having seen live

Ella Fitzgerald. She is my ultimate. I would’ve loved to see her, and see that ease in person. 

An artist you hope to see live soon

Brittany Howard. Damn I would love to see her. This album is fucking fiiiiire. 

A gig you'll never forget

Owen Pallett remains one of my absolute top favourites ever. I saw him at Union Chapel when I was about 18. He did two encores (the audience just wouldn’t leave and kept on clapping until he came back again). It totally expanded my idea of what one musician could do. We sat and smoked in the back area in a daze for about an hour after the show finished. I’m still reeling from it now, to be honest. 

An album you know by heart

Nick Drake - Pink Moon. I listened to this every night to fall asleep when I was 15/16. It calms me, and saddens me, and uplifts me. It’s a friend and a companion and I love it. 

A cover which is better than the original

Elliott Smith - ‘Jealous Guy’. Something about his inflections and delivery make this so much more hard hitting and self effacing than the original. I kind of hate Lennon in the original: very arrogant and urgh. 

A song you first heard on a film soundtrack

‘Redbone’ Childish Gambino (from Get Out). Then immediately upon leaving the cinema found out what it was and listened to it incessantly for weeks (as the world did)

A song you love in a foreign language

I volunteered for a reef conservation charity and lived in Madagascar for a few months when I was 18. There was a song there we listened to called ‘Mama Cocktail’. I have no idea who the artist was, or whether it was even saying Mama Cocktail. My pals told me the lyrics were super dark. 

An instrumental song you love

Embryonic Journey - Jefferson Airplane. Don’t tell me you don’t know.

A song which gets stuck in your head

Paula Cole - I Don’t Want To Wait. If you saw me any time between 2016 - 2019 you’ll know that this song was PERMANENTLY stuck in my head. And when I say song, I mean literally just that one line and then I would just garble an approximation of the melody and lyrics of the rest of that phrase. I know nothing else of the song. 

A recent musical discovery

Still Woozy - ‘Goodie Bag’. Been loving all of their stuff. Turns out they’re huge already, so it’s not exactly new, just new to me.

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