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At Hook we want to tell different stories about music. Through thoughtful journalism and genuine relationships with artists, Hook explores how music is made, how it is consumed, and what it does to us emotionally, socially and physically.

Hook for musicians

We want Hook to be a platform for musicians to pay homage to their influences, unpack their working processes and open up a discussion about what it means to exist in the music industry today. 

Hook for writers

Hook is a space for music writers to create without limitation. We are looking for essays, think pieces, longform articles, short fiction, or even a love letter to a particular artist. 


We believe in active inclusion and diversity.

We believe in creating material with relevance
and meaning in an age of ephemeral content.

We believe in the power of music to change people's minds.

We believe no genre is above any other. All music is created equal.

We believe the people who listen to music are just as important as the people who make it.

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